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Bob Spink MP

The previous post leads us immediately to the news, several days old, that Bob Spink MP has resigned from the Conservative Party and has become the first UK Independence Party Member of Parliament.

The Tories pretend that they chucked Spink from the party, but a party anxiously counting every vote in Parliament is unlikely to release a member willingly. The truth seems to be that Spink has declared himself a free man who will no longer be whipped.

The Chairman of the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB) and MP for Castlepoint, Essex, Spink recognizes the fundamental importance of opposing the undemocratic European supra-state. This is the view of many rank and file Tories, but the Tory leadership seems unable to grasp this particular nettle.

We hope that Spink's example will embolden other true patriots in the House of Commons.