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No greater compliment - Mugabe attacks Britain

Unwilling to concede defeat in the elections, Mugabe is organizing rural control centres in Zimbabwe where opponents to his rule will be tortured and imprisoned. According to this report, the Chinese are supporting him by delivering weapons. The people of Zimbabwe are being terrorized. And Mugabe is denouncing Britain, which is criticizing his actions.

Britain ruled the land now known as Zimbabwe between the 1890s and 1965, and there is pretty general agreement its rule was benign. No one starved, and children went to school.

White minority rule followed, and Mugabe, who fought it, became a leader of the country in 1980. Seizing farmland and giving it to his cronies, who know nothing about farming, he devastated a country that used to export food. Today the people of Zimbabwe are starving.

When the English wrested the rights of Magna Carta from King John, the forces of odious oppression and the defenders of liberty were pretty well balanced militarily. This is no longer the case. Modern governments buy and use overwhelming firepower against their people.

There are calls on the United Nations to act, but these appear utterly futile. The United Nations is not united and never will be. An organization that includes both Switzerland and the Sudan, free countries and murderous dictatorships, is by definition dysfunctional, and by the evidence of the last decade, increasingly so.

But the question remains. Is there no one who will rid Zimbabwe of Mugabe?

Is the answer an alliance of countries which share the same principles, and are willing to act?

Meanwhile good, kind people are starving or being executed.