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The 'Darwin' Chip

"A new 'Darwin chip' could make evolution as easy as pressing play" -

Researchers have created an automated device that evolves a biological molecule on a chip filled with hundreds of miniature chambers.

The molecule, which stitches together strands of RNA, became 90 times more efficient after just 70 hours of evolution.

'It's survival of the fittest,' says Brian Paegel, a biochemist at the Scripps Research Institute, in La Jolla, California, who led the study with colleague Gerald Joyce.

Alfred Russel Wallace discovered survival of the fittest as the key to evolution while exploring the Malay Archipelago, and collecting 12,000 specimens. Shivering with malaria, he sent his thoughts to Darwin, who had been meticulously assembling his evidence for the same theory. Not wanting to lose credit for his virtually identical theory, Darwin and a mutual friend of Wallace's submitted Wallace’s essay and similar writings by Darwin on the subject of natural selection to the next meeting of the Linnean Society in 1858. (Scroll down for more about Wallace's adventures here.)

In the end, Darwin proved the better researcher and writer, and his name has been associated with the theory of evolution - another small proof of survival of the fittest!

For what it's worth, I don't find anything in the theory at odds with a Creator who chose natural selection as a tool to create and develop species.

Nanotechnology update via Instapundit.