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Canadian bloggers fight for freedom of speech

Richard Warman, formerly employed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and possibly underwritten by them, is suing bloggers in Canada. He is attempting to harmfully abridge their free speech rights by dragging them into court, and forcing them to incur ruinous legal expenses.

Ezra Levant describes the bloggers and the current state of play.

Who is paying for Warman's suits? How much money will he make from them? (He has made money from such suits in the past.) These are questions that ought to be investigated.

In the meantime, the Canadian bloggers are defending their freedom of speech, and the freedom of speech of all Canadians. Levant, Mark Steyn, and Maclean's took the brunt of the attacks when a group brought accusations against them to the CHRC, an organization notorious for never assuming the innocence of the accused and never delivering a not guilty verdict. Now the attacks on bloggers are widening.

And many readers are rushing to their aid.