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The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race


This looks like fun.

The date is March 29. The race begins at 5:15 pm. No matter where you watch it, there seems to be a pub close by. One of the things I loved about England was that when I was walking in the country I could always find a pub, and they were very kind about making me a cup of tea. Nothing like tea to keep a walker going. A friend of mine who chose beer instead fell sadly behind.

Key to pubs on the map

1. The Temperance (formerly O’Neills at Putney Bridge)
2. The Star & Garter
3. The Dukes Head
4. The Crabtree Tavern
5. The Blue Anchor
6. The Rutland
7. The Dove
8. The Black Lion
9. The Old Ship
10. Pissarro’s Brasserie
11. The Bulls Head
12. Ye White Hart
13. The Depot
14. The Ship