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How men feel

If the survey is accurate, not well.

They feel emasculated.

The nanny state, bossy women, political correctness, too much to do that isn't worth doing and not much time for the wind in your face, unhappy relationships, and spiritual malaise are contributing factors.

According to the survey. men say their hero is Churchill.

I hope the men who don't feel well rebel.

I have known so many fine men -

Men who could sail ships, set broken bones, plant crops, cook dinner, write a masterpiece, solve equations, invent and repair machines, teach a child, help a friend, respect and love a woman (and be respected and loved by her), play sports, make a just decision, climb a volcano, dress plainly and elegantly, defeat oppression with a band of brothers, never say die, die bravely, dance willingly, retain a sense of humour, treat animals kindly, love God, speak honestly, and act resourcefully in the face of adversity. . .

I have grown very cross with men at times, but I would be very sorry to think that anyone or anything could oppress a man.