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Doris Lessing - "Provocateur"

"In comes ideology, and out goes common sense."

Emily Parker’s Wall Street Journal interview with Doris Lessing reveals an 88-year-old working writer - she lives in London with her cat "yum-yum" - who continues to communicate important things to us about the lives we live and dream about.

Lessing retains her tart love of freedom and her detestation of political correctness. Young girls reading her books still greet her on the street.

Awarded the Nobel Prize last year, she has just finished a new novel, examining through the prism of her parents' lives what the world might have looked like if World War I had never happened - ". . .no Russian Revolution, no Soviet Union, no Soviet empire, no Hitler, no Holocaust, no Mussolini and no World War II. . ."

Emily Parker's interview with Lessing is here.