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Englishmen and football

England's big four football (soccer) teams - Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool - "are all absent for the first time in memory from England's FA Cup semifinals. However, all four have made the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Europe's most prestigious club tournament. Liverpool, to be sure, was lucky. Inter Milan had a player ejected (probably unfairly) in both legs of the encounter, and Liverpool scored all of its goals with a one-man advantage."

Powerline's English sports fan and attorney Paul Hinderaker goes on to explain the apparent anomaly -

"On the surface, it might seem ironic that English clubs are doing so well in the Champions League in a year when England failed to make the European nations championship competition. The irony disappears when one realizes how few English players see playing time for the 'big four' teams. Arsenal is virtually devoid of an English presence and only Manchester United is likely to start five Englishmen (plus a Welshman) in serious competition."