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Bravo for the serf

"Ministers have been accused of 'gagging' civil servants after a junior official was threatened with punishment over her internet blog about Whitehall.

"The 33-year-old woman, known as the Civil Serf, faces a reprimand and even possible dismissal from the Department of Work and Pensions."

I know I'm missing something here - perhaps a jewel of British humour, which I spoke so brightly about below. A civil servant is being referred to as a serf, presumably handy slang for servant, but also an infamous condition that ended in Britain in the 15th century, a mere three centuries before it was abolished in France.

Apparently ministers concerned by their "serf's" uncivil descriptions of their idiocies want to expose and fire her. Those would be Labour ministers, wouldn't they? Defenders of the people's liberties? A little thin-skinned, aren't they?

Bravo for this civil servant. May there be more like her - citizens serving the public who are willing to speak out about the powers that be. It may not be polite, but it is necessary.