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British people - what do they believe - update

The latest Populus poll for the Times, undertaken over the weekend, "underlines the complexities of the EU issue. Voters are evenly divided, 37 to 37 per cent, on whether the treaty is largely the same as the old EU constitution and would transfer significant further powers to the EU, or whether it mainly consists of technical and procedural changes and would not transfer such powers. But 26 per cent are don’t knows."

Despite not knowing what to believe -

"The vast majority of voters (70 per cent) favour some sort of referendum on Europe, with just 19 per cent disagreeing. But there are big variations in preferences: 18 per cent want one just on the Lisbon treaty; 16 per cent one on whether Britain should stay in the EU, but not on the treaty; and 36 per cent a referendum on both in and out of the EU and on the treaty. Just 19 per cent do not believe there is a need for any referendum on the EU."