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Lords prepare to fight for Britain

In the House of Lords, there are Lords preparing to fight the Lisbon Treaty and to advocate the promised referendum on the EU constitution.

"Lord Strathclyde, the Tory leader in the Lords, is already talking to pro-Europeans and cross-benchers, urging them to see this as an issue of principle in which the second chamber has a moral responsibility. There is all to play for, and Strathclyde's intellectual and persuasive powers are immense."

I am confident we can rely on Lords Pearson, Stoddart, Willoughby de Broke, and others.

Those lords who are receiving pensions from the European Union are not likely to join them. With such a vested interest, they should recuse themselves from voting.

I do not believe that the British people really know what is going on or how their daily lives will be affected. The BBC, for one, has never attempted to inform them, convinced, in its sublime wisdom, that it ought to be a cheerleader for the EU.

It will be an unhappy present and an increasingly unhappy future if Open Europe's new report is anything to go by. "How the EU affects everyday life in the UK" is here.

Thanks to Open Europe for the press reports.