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The notion that we rule ourselves is upheld. . .by 48

We have just learned that forty-eight members of the House of Commons voted 'aye' on a little-remarked motion during the "momentous" referendum vote we described below. This was the motion that the United Kingdom's Parliament and its laws take precedent over any others, including EU laws.

Clause 9 - "Notwithstanding any provision of the European Communities Act 1972, nothing in this Act shall affect or be construed by any court in the United Kingdom as affecting the supremacy of the United Kingdom Parliament." It was brought forward by Bill Cash.

This simple affirmation of sovereignty, which has been a long-accepted constitutional principle, was rejected, with only 48 sterling members voting for it.

It is a shocking insight into the thinking of Parliament as it is presently constituted. Those who are leading us have admitted that they are led. By voting no they are stating that our independence as a sovereign nation - with all that implies - does not exist.

Thanks to DR Cooper, John Wallace, Idris Francis, and Torquil Dick-Erikson for the details.