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Princes pay tribute to the Armed Forces

Prince Harry declared he was no hero when he spoke minutes after stepping off the plane that brought him back to Britain from Afghanistan. He said he felt "humbled" by the bravery of the men with whom he had served.

The Prince of Wales, who met him at the airport, said his son's homecoming was an 'immense blessing', though a huge disappointment to Harry, and he paid tribute to the Armed Forces -

"We don't often appreciate what the people in the Armed Forces are doing, putting up with impossible conditions, being shot at or rocketed at and goodness knows what.

The fact they do this with incredible humour and dedication is extraordinary."


The people of Sheffield turned out in the rain to welcome home soldiers from Chestnut Troop, 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery on February 29.

Our tribute to the soldiers of the Armed Forces is here.