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Revolts against the EU constitution

From Open Europe -

"The Yorkshire Post reports that another Labour MP, Paul Truswell, will revolt on the Lisbon Treaty by voting for a referendum. The article notes that Mr Truswell's constituency, Pudsey, is one of ten where the I Want a Referendum campaign has been holding referendums."

According to icWales -

"Despite attempts to halt the Aberconwy ballot, the vote is going ahead and, in so doing, will hold local MP Betty Williams and all the MPs in the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties to their 2005 manifesto commitments to a referendum" on Britain signing on to the EU constitution. The Lisbon Treaty is the EU constitution - it's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"Some 43,000 eligible voters in Aberconwy are getting a bilingual postal ballot from the I want a referendum campaign. . .The result will be declared next Friday."