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Not tolerating the intolerant

We had an email response to our post on the Archbishop's much criticized remarks on Sharia from Debbie Krongard -

"The response from the majority of the British to the Archbishop's inane statement is indeed encouraging. Unfortunately, however, much more than rhetoric is needed to stop the death by a thousand pricks that European culture and ultimately statehood is facing. While people are standing up and saying no to the Archbishop, they are at the same time saying "yes" to recognition of polygamous marriage of Muslims via welfare benefits, to self-censorship with regard to things that offend Muslims (pigs, Muhammad cartoons, co-ed swimming in public baths, etc). Unless those same people and newspapers, etc. start standing up in every little fight against creeping Islamism, it won't matter how many times they yell "No!" - one day they and you will all look around and realize that you are powerless to fight back anymore. . .

We are facing the same thing here in the U.S., though thankfully to a much lesser degree. In Minneapolis some Muslim cab drivers tried to get it accepted that they not pick up people with seeing eye dogs (because to their way of thinking the dogs are unclean) or to carrying alcohol (because that is forbidden by their religion). They were thankfully defeated in that attempt. Every single one of these attempts to IMPOSE Islamic standards on the Western world must be resisted. We welcome people of all faiths and all countries to the U.S. - but they must come accepting our rules, our laws and our traditions. We must not continue to tolerate the intolerant."

Update: "What Rowan Williams wishes upon us is an abomination and I write here as a modern Muslim woman."