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Archbishop receives an almost universal and appalled No

The Archbishop of Canterbury recently said that Sharia law was unavoidable in Britain, and might heal divided communities if it were on offer.

Could someone persuade this fellow to read a little history? Britain has one law common to all because that is the fairest and most enlightened way to operate. British Christians purchased with their lives the principle that no one is above or beyond Common Law, and that everyone must abide by its rules of fairness and equity. Grounded in individual rights and due process, Common Law protects the vulnerable, including women who have been abused by Sharia laws that treat them as having less rights than men and that inflict barbaric punishments on men and women.

The archbishop has lectured on St Benedict’s Rule, but he does not realize the importance of refraining from speech - “Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Keep a guard on your mouth.” Instead he feels compelled to foster controversy and confusion. Where is his Socratic humility, his acknowledgement that he knows very little?

Fortunately his idea has been met in Britain with an almost universal and appalled NO.