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A vision of hospitality - The Right Reverend Dr Michael Nazir-Ali

The Right Reverend Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, "has been placed under police protection following death threats made in the wake of his claims that Islamic extremists are creating 'no-go areas' for non-Muslims in Britain."

QED. The threats demonstrate his point.

A few days ago the bishop explained -

"The purpose of my article was to point out that the best way for welcoming and integrating newer arrivals in this country should have been a Christian vision of hospitality and not the secular policy of multiculturalism which has led to such disastrous consequences."

If we read the bishop correctly, his vision of hospitality would affirm that Britain is a country that welcomes people who respect British traditions of reason and the dignity and equality of all individuals, including women, under the law. Consequently people who prefer multiple wives, genital mutilation, and honour killings would not come to Britain, and if they did, they would change their primitive tribal practices to follow Britain’s traditions, since respecting the traditions of a host is the courtesy that a guest rightfully accords a host.

Grounded in Judaeo-Christian moral teachings, Britain's Common Law created a society marked by trust, incorruptible officals, competence, individual rights, scientific and artistic advances, and prosperity. The bishop is right to believe that trading this for a multiculturalism distinguished by its lack of culture has been a disaster.

It has been reported in the Times of India that the British Government will allow men with multiple wives to claim extra welfare benefits. If true, this is multiculturalism directly attacking western civilisation. It is not hospitality, it is madness.