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One ring to bind them all

Iris Binstead of SOS has just sent us two reports on the EU Lisbon Treaty and the threats it poses to democracy. The first is by Torquil Dick-Erikson, a commentator on legal affairs and a contributor to the House of Lords report on Corpus Juris. His report is a disturbing account of the EU's Militarized Police, the quaintly named Eurogendarmerie, trained in riot control, able to go anywhere in the EU if called in by a nation state, but reporting only to the EU and leaving only at the orders of the EU. The second report, by Professor Anthony Coughlan, Dublin, clearly describes The Supranational State that will be created by the Lisbon Treaty.

Unless the British Parliament refuses to ratify the treaty, that new state will be the master of Britain and all the other states of the EU – one ring to bind them all.