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Tribute to soldiers

We suspect that Gordon Brown is trying to be positive and inspire a little good will with a tribute to Britain’s Armed Forces. But we are not going to complain, though we cast deeply grieved eyes at the roster of the dead, killed because this government refused to put Her Majesty’s soldiers in vehicles that would protect them from IEDs. We are genuinely glad that members of the Armed Forces will be honoured for their service with a bank holiday; that they will receive homecoming parades, and that they will (probably) be allowed to wear their uniforms in Britain, a centuries-old practice that ended in the 1970s when they were targeted by the IRA.

They have given their blood, their peace, their home life, and all their intelligence and courage to fulfilling the mission to which they were appointed. Their heroism is described here. May God bless them, and may the government raise their salaries and their pensions in addition to these sentimental and cost-free measures.

Meanwhile, we note that Parliament is finally discussing the government’s inadequate support for our troops.