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No time for gardening


David describes the growing numbers of heroes defending freedom below. I am so exasperated by the British government's ceaseless attacks on Britain's liberties that I am thinking about gardening.

Picking winter kale, cooking it and drizzling melted butter on its dark leaves – how can it taste so good when I don’t really like vegetables?

It’s fresh and organic. David wrote about organic farming in Britain last year, and the number of organic gardeners has increased since then.

This is a good time for a gardener to sit warmly indoors thinking about spring, but if global warming has not piled up too much snow in your garden, you could plant a bare-root rose. Unfortunately a bitterly cold spell of winter weather has frozen the United States and Canada from coast to coast and a pickaxe would have to be my tool of choice.

We have about as much expertise in a garden as millions of other people, but we did write about a few of our experiences creating an English garden here.

Beverley Nichols wrote sixty books and always had time for gardening.