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A pound of flesh

The prosecution of Janet Devers for selling vegetables by the pound rather than the kilogram in Britain made the front page of the Wall Street Journal today. Janet Devers remarked that the scales of justice sit in the hands of the people after the magistrate allowed her a jury trial.

However, if Britain ratifies the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, currently receiving its second reading in Parliament, it will have to adopt the EU’s penal code, and jury trials, along with all the protections that the British created to protect the people from government, will become a thing of the past. Britain’s laws, and those of the 26 other EU countries, will be made by bureaucrats in Brussels who are not elected and cannot be sacked.

Christopher Booker's crisp description of the outrageous case is here. (Scroll down.)

Englishman's Castle reminds us -

I share her trust in the sense of the people - but it all costs money.

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