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Fighting the EU treaty in the courts - update

We wrote yesterday about the great news that Stuart Wheeler will challenge the EU 'Reform' Treaty in the courts. John Gouriet elaborates in the Telegraph -

"As the Government embarks this week on its concentrated procedure to persuade Parliament to approve ratification of the EU Reform Treaty, to which Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have already committed the United Kingdom, Stuart Wheeler, who founded the spread-betting group, IG Index, is preparing a determined challenge in the courts to confront the EU constitution head-on.

. . .counsel have assembled a powerful case to argue that the Government has no such authority and Mr. Wheeler is prepared to go all the way to the House of Lords to obtain justice for the British people and mark out the constitutional limits of parliamentary power. Without this the people no longer have any remedy against misfeasance or tyranny."

They say they hope to establish a Marbury vs Madison case in Britain -

"In 1803 in the United States in a significant case, Marbury v. Madison, a Supreme Court Judge, Marshall, held that the US Constitution, based on the English original, was superior to a certain ill-conceived Act introduced by Congress and he declared the offending statute void."