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Brighton Court says Prime Minister will have to defend breach of contract

A couple of weeks ago we applauded Stuart Bower, the ex-policeman, for taking the Prime Minister to court for breach of contract – promising the British people a referendum on the EU constitution and then breaking his pledge.

Now we hear that the Prime Minister will fight the case in Brighton County Court. Significantly this means that the Court agreed to hear the case in the first place.

The government has told the court it will defend the charge and has asked that the case be adjourned from February 7 because it says the hearing will take longer than the 15 minutes originally allocated.

Yes, people who make excuses for themselves are often long-winded. Fifteen minutes will certainly not be enough for Mr Brown.

This will be worth a visit to Brighton.

Unfortunately Parliament is rolling over to support the hand-over of Britain to the European Union - "Government wins first round in battle over EU treaty," and indeed it did, with 362 votes to 224, a very safe majority of 148. . .”

This quite possibly makes the courts our last resort.