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Breaking news - Stuart Wheeler backs Judicial Review to defend British Constitution

We can confirm a breakthrough in the efforts to obtain a Judicial Review that would find the EU Constitution (masquerading as the Lisbon 'Reform' Treaty) is in conflict with the British Constitution and cannot be approved by Parliament. John Gouriet and Defenders of the Realm report -

Businessman Stuart Wheeler has taken up the case in his own name as plaintiff and agreed to bear responsibility for it through to the House of Lords if necessary. This is terrific news. Stuart Wheeler built IG Index, one of the world’s leading financial spread betting companies. One of the best and most respected younger QCs, Rabinder Singh, has been engaged to make the legal case against the Lisbon Treaty.

Those with keen minds who understand why the treaty's various opaquely written articles conflict with the British Constitution are invited to write John Gouriet at john.gouriet1 at (use symbol)

Donations continue to strengthen the effort. (We have donated.) They should be sent to 'CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE', c/o This England PO Box 52, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1YQ. Help from Americans who love Britain would be very welcome.

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