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“Popular British exports” – gifted female singers – Laura Marling

One of Britain's most popular exports in recent years has been gifted female singers, from Starbucks-promoted Corinne Bailey Rae to troubled soul siren Amy Winehouse. Now add to that list Laura Marling. Just shy of 18 years old, she honed her skills at all-ages gigs in London and has drawn acclaim for a pensive acoustic sound that she jump starts with confident vocals and surprising wordplay.”

But this does not quite describe Laura Marling.

In ‘New Romantic’ she is a 17-year-old chanteuse –

In ‘Night Terror’ the poet-singer is a bard with a trancelike chant, her face elfin, her hair as luminous as a dandelion gone to seed in moonlight.

I woke up and he was screaming - I left him dreaming.

I’ll roll over and shake him tightly, and I’ll whisper, ‘If they want you, they’re gonna have to fight me.’

Yo, fight me.

I woke up on a bench on Shepherd’s Bush Green - holding a candle at my chest, and a head on his knee.

I got up, it was dark, there was no one in the park at this hour - how do I keep finding myself here?

O, find me. . .

Laura Marling is about to make her US debut.