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Euro-Creep is underway as the EU takes over Britain -

EU control over the insurance market? - EU environmental taxes ?- Usurping the United Kingdom’s positions in tax negotiations ?- Tighter EU controls over HM Revenue & Customs - Charter of Fundamental Rights enforced by stealth? - EU control over electronic communications? - More EU takeovers of education ?- More EU control over sport? - New controls over transport. . .

The Bruges Group has all the details.

Speaking of Defoe, whom Cat wrote about yesterday, these lines from his “True-born Englishman” suggest the attitude we need -

The meanest English ploughman studies law,
And keeps thereby the magistrates in awe;
Will boldly tell them what they ought to do,
And sometimes punish their omissions too.
Their liberty and property's so dear,
They scorn their laws or governors to fear. . .