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Regarding Lionheart

A number of people have written us about the British blogger Lionheart, who is supposed to answer charges under a liberty-hating act that oppresses free speech under the guise of calling it an incitement to racial hatred. Roland Mar sent a thoughtful and insightful commentary, and wondered why we had not written about Lionheart.

We have yet to comment on Liionheart directly because we could not confirm exactly what was going on. Today we had details in a superb post from Wolf Howling. Marginalized Dinosaur has posted readers' responses. (Orwell would be pleased to see the lions, wolves and dinosaurs working together to defend freedom. We hope that hundreds of thousands of men and women will join them.)

As promised, we are about to post on Daniel Defoe who was repeatedly hauled in to face government charges that he was disturbing the peace. That, of course, was back in the 18th century, and due to men such as Defoe, freedom of speech was established in Britain.

Now Britain appears to be sliding backward. Rather than tackle crime, the police are tackling bloggers.

No doubt they would be arresting Defoe, were he alive, for arousing hatred of the English with his wickedly satiric send-up in "The True-Born Englishman". To their credit, the English didn't whine about his verses. They made his poem a bestseller.

Bloggers, journalists, and publishers are under threat today because of wretched laws. The laws are the wages of Socialism, the EU, and people who do not care about British culture or the freedom of the British people.

We are going to be watching this case closely.