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Preventing tribalism in Britain

The newspaper photo of the man and woman trying desperately to protect their children from tribal violence in Kenya reminded me how important it was that the British people broke from tribal mores centuries ago. Christian principles and the rule of just law in Britain resolved that an individual man or woman was responsible for his or her actions.

This ended Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Danish customs of holding a whole tribe responsible. In turn this prevented ugly and devastating conflicts between whole tribes, often sparked by just one individual’s unjust actions.

During my childhood, Britain's lack of tribalism contributed greatly to the peacefulness of our country. When communities of people in a democracy feel unconnected with each other, and begin to elevate their beliefs over the individual liberties and well-being of us all, we face the kind of devastation created on 7/7.

Whatever the cost, this reversion to a primitive and unhappy tribal past needs to be prevented.