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George Macdonald Fraser

I never had a liking for what I heard about Sir Harry Flashman VC, George Macdonald Fraser's fictional hero, but Fraser's ability to create a a very vivid rotter for his many readers is undeniable.

George Macdonald Fraser, who has just died, made real contributions to literature and history -

"Some of his finest writing is contained in his graphic recollections of his Burma service, Quartered Safe Out Here (1992), in which the affectionate portrait of his Cumbrian comrades demonstrated his keen eye for character and acute ear for dialogue. John Keegan, in The Sunday Telegraph, justly called it 'one of the great personal memoirs of World War II'.

He wrote a scholarly and well-received history of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers, The Steel Bonnets (1971), and several historical novels. These included a boisterous romp, The Pyrates (1983), and The Candlemass Road (1993), an Elizabethan adventure set in Fraser's beloved Border country."