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Jane Austen goes on television once again


Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon in Emma Thompson’s and Ang Lee's 1995 Sense and Sensibility.

Shopping for books around Christmas I heard two women walk past Jane Austen’s novels and mutually agree they far preferred her films. Oh, well!

This is Sense and Sensibility’s fifth film or TV outing since 1950. The three-part version made for the BBC is said to be “faithful to the spirit of the book and wonderfully alive to Austen’s subtleties and humour. It benefited from a production and cast that made the story their own. . .” Alas, according to others, this production has a terrible script and wooden acting. Oh, well!

One of the fine things about Austen is that she really did like men. There are always at least two extremely likable men in every one of her novels.