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The Attenborough Film Awards, Richard Attenborough on Gandhi, and the opening of his new film

"In recognition of his distinguished career, an annual British awards ceremony is to be renamed The Richard Attenborough Film Awards. The first award will take place next month. Not that Attenborough needs much in the way of recognition. Bafta has just held a celebration for the 25th anniversary of Gandhi. 'It was marvellous. They screened it on 70mm. Quite a revelation. Though it was too long. It took me 20 years to get the money to get that movie made. I remember my pitch to 20th Century Fox. The guy said: 'Dickie, it's sweet of you to come here. You're obviously obsessed. But who the. . .hell will be interested in a little brown man wrapped in a sheet carrying a beanpole?' '

Wonder where that Fox man is now.

Attenborough has a new film, Closing the Ring, out on 28 December.