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All is Bright - A Yorkshire Lad’s Christmas?

Suzanne Steele of the Metchosin Muse writes -

In our house in Edinburgh it didn’t matter if was Christmas Eve, Halloween, Easter or even Midsummer’s Night, anyone passing my daughter Ella’s bedroom door at 8 pm was bound to hear the cheery tones of author Dave Preston on Ella’s CD player, as she listened once again to his Yorkshire Christmas stories.

Much more than a nostalgic longing to hear Dave’s voice and his distinctive Yorkshire accent, Ella simply enjoyed his stories over and over and over again. More than a few drives into the Highlands or down to hike in the North Yorkshire Moors was accompanied by the same CD, always a guarantee of a good laugh and a fun story. The good news for those who have had the pleasure of listening to Preston, either in person or on CD, is that he has finally published a full collection of his fabulous Christmas stories and they’re available this season. . .

There’s a whole community of characters and a mid-1960’s Yorkshire village to become acquainted with in All is Bright, all told from the point of view of Derek in his Yorkshire-tinged dialect - a small glossary at the back helps with the translation, as well as the inclusion of a few traditional Yorkshire recipes! All is Bright is told with clarity and a spoonful of sentiment mixed with hard reality.

Available from Dave.