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Defending the freedom of our children and grandchildren


Yesterday in a post we pointed out that one small, brave step can cascade into very significant successes. Today we are pleased to say that John Gouriet and Defenders of the Realm are seeking a Judicial Review of the EU’s new constitutional treaty. This is a vital step.

In January they will ask the courts to define the limits of British constitutional change beyond which the Government and the Crown may not lawfully go. This should show politicians, the public and, indeed, Her Majesty, that imposition of the EU Treaty is treason.

Gouriet co-founded Defenders of the Realm with the late Norris McWhirter, CBE. The members include: Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Frederick Forsyth, CBE, Edward Fox, OBE, David Hempleman-Adams, Captain John Hutchinson, FRAeS, FRIN, Lindsay Jenkins, David Shepherd, OBE, Roy Faiers, Editor, This England, CJK Arkell, FTCA, and Constitutional Advisers, Leolin Price, CBE, QC, and John Bingley.

Seeking a review and keeping the public informed is costly. We have just contributed to help fund the Judicial Review.

Donations (non-charitable) should be sent to 'CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE', c/o This England PO Box 52, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1YQ.

Americans who love Britain, please consider helping.

There is no certainty of success, but there is hope.