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Lighting up the political night - parish polls

Parish polls are calling for a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that threatens British freedom and sovereignty –

By our calculations, there were 2,486 yes votes in support of a referendum, and 104 no votes, indicating that 96% of the voting population of 11 parishes advocates a national referendum. By coincidence this is the same percentage of the Lisbon Treaty that is identical to the previously rejected EU constitution. The Labour Party promised to hold a referendum on the EU constitution in the last general election. PM Gordon Brown has reneged on the promise and refuses to allow the British people to vote on the Treaty.

Supporting the parish polls is a new ICM poll commissioned by Global Vision, which clearly indicates that nearly three-quarters of the public wants a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which is the old EU constitution in all but name. The public also supports negotiating a looser relationship with the EU. The details are here.