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Their children’s children


We mentioned last year that Brits were the first to conquer infant mortality. By 1820 medical progress had so transformed life in Britain that half the population was under the age of fifteen.

Thoughtful adults in Britain believed in freedom, self-reliance, voluntary associations to tackle problems, the rule of just law, their house as their castle, the right to protect their children, the right and responsibility to bear arms, and limited, representative government that protected their freedoms. They fiercely guarded their independence of action. Because they believed in freedom of enquiry, they were able to develop the science that saved the lives of children.

As Christians, as most of them were, they believed that they were the children of a loving, rational, just God and that they were born to freedom, rational enquiry, fair laws and the respect of others. Did all of them live up to these ideals? Of course not. That is why the best of the Brits often struggled with the worst. Did these ideas belong only to them? No, but they were assiduous in developing them. Their success is visible in the creativity, achievement, freedom, and happiness of children in Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.