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European Scutiny Committee catches sight of the wolf

The three parties in Parliament have seemed to be sleepwalking Britain into oblivion. Even William Hague’s ‘acclaimed’ speech that any new EU legislation will be resisted was, David remarked, "a joke, since there will be no new treaties if the present treaty is passed. It is a self-amending treaty that allows for an infinite increase in the European Union's powers without the need for any further discussion".

So this is it – the EU constitution masquerading as the ‘Reform’ Treaty, like the Wolf pretending to be Little Red Ridinghood’s grandmother, or a vampire pretending he's a man about town.

The House of Commons’ European Scrutiny Committee has scrutinized previous EU legislation, and waved it through unchanged. This new treaty took even the committee aback. Although dominated by Labour MPs, they have stared into the eyes of the wolf, and have developed some suspicions and doubts.

As a result the committee decided that the treaty could not simply be run through Parliament. It was declared “Not cleared”. It must proceed to “debate on the Floor of the House”.

Admittedly their investigation into the treaty was tightly circumscribed, rather as if the police were investigating charges of trespass in a man accused of murder.

The committee's report is here.

From our point of view, the debate in the House in 2008 will examine whether that House will long endure, or whether its own members will consign it to oblivion.