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"Australia will miss this bloke"

Australian Tim Blair on John Howard's concession speech -

Says it has been a privilege to be Prime Minister of “this very beautiful country. . .the Australian people are the greatest people on earth, and this is the greatest country on earth.” He’s leaving on some perfect notes.

Australia will miss this bloke more than it knows. Howard also, as did Mal Brough, urges that Labor support ongoing intervention in wretched Aboriginal areas. Thanks staff for putting up with a “sometimes cantankerous” Prime Minister during the past few months. Lots of smiles. Final words as PM: “I wish the government elected by the people of Australia the very best in the years ahead.” Nick Minchin describes it as “a great speech from a remarkable man.”

Reasons for his defeat at the polls are suggested here.

Conservatives will certainly miss him.

John Howard was brave and incorruptible, and he did what he believed was best for Australia.

At his direction the Royal Australian Navy provided immediate and essential aid to the victims of the tsunami of 2004.