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Buried treasures discovered

Those with a liking for strolling slowly with a metal detector (average cost £400) have been making some stupendous finds.

According to the Times, "An intricate figurine of a Roman horse and rider and an Iron Age comb are among an extraordinary 58,290 archaeological objects unearthed by members of the public in the past year. The British Museum published the record figure yesterday as it put on show some of the most important finds — objects that have lain undiscovered for many hundreds of years."


Image: British Museum
Gold and silver torcs found buried in a pit in Norfolk

Three hundred thousand objects have been found since the portable antiquities programme began ten years ago. That's wonderful news for historians and a tribute to the detectors. There seems to be a huge amount of buried treasure in Britain as discoveries have included Roman silver plate, Anglo-Saxon hoards, and 15th century gold coins and rings hidden in a forest. More poignantly, seekers have also found toys left by children living in the Middle Ages.