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Cold comfort

It is terrible news that “The Government has lost two CDs containing the details of all Child Benefit recipients: records for 25 million individuals and 7.25 million families.

“These records include the recipient and their children’s names, addresses and dates of birth. It includes Child Benefit numbers, National Insurance numbers, and, where relevant, bank or building society details.

“The missing details account for almost half the entire UK population.”

Extraordinary. Nor is there any hope this will put paid to ID cards because these are not really a British government initiative, but an EU-directive.

But there are many people who cannot understand why there was ever a ‘Child Benefit Scheme’ for every child in the United Kingdom in the first place. It is, frankly, a scam perpetrated on the people by the British Government, which takes their income from them in high taxes, and then allows a bit of money to dribble back to them. How grateful they are! Less grateful now.

Most parents in the United Kingdom do not need help from the Government. They need a government that protects their country and their liberties in competent and cost-effective ways and lets them get on with living their happy and creative lives. Those parents who desperately need help would, of course, receive it.

The imposition of these programmes and their mismanagement is government abuse. Our cold comfort is that governments that have abused the British people before have quite often met untimely ends.