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The European Union Court of Auditors condemns EU’s fraud, mismanagment and waste

The Court of Auditors noted,

“. . . checks on expenditure claims, which are mainly based on the information supplied by the beneficiary are, in many cases, insufficient in number and coverage and often of inadequate quality.”

The Commission frequently fails to pay organizations within its own deadlines (p.165). Twenty-six out of 150 projects included erroneous claims. Entertainingly, “Similarly to previous years, the Court found that beneficiaries are often unable to substantiate personnel costs claimed in their cost statements.”

MEPs are still not turning in receipts, etc., etc..

This is despite the fact that in our day-to-day lives – returning an item at the store, applying for a business expense, paying our taxes, each of us has to turn in real receipts to receive compensation. 'Ordinary' taxpayers face jail if they fiddle their expenses.

Dr Lee Rotherham for the Bruges Group takes the reader on a whistlestop tour of the report.

Those of you interested in keeping your hard-earned money in your own pockets and out of the EU’s money pit may be interested in Decision Time, the Bruges Group Conference on Saturday, 17 November. (See below.)