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The light in Shadowlands


Losing someone you love is so devastating that CS Lewis’ question is a familiar one -

"Why love if losing hurts so much?”

Charles Dance and Janie Dee star in the first major revival of Shadowlands by William Nicholson, which charts the love story between American Joy Gresham and C.S. Lewis, known today as the author transformed by his re-conversion to Christianity and by books such as Mere Christianity, the Screwtape Letters and The Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis was a confirmed bachelor until he met Joy. He married her so that she and her two sons could stay in England, and then, to his surprise, fell in love with her. Her supple mind, analytical grasp, her sensuality and sense of fun enchanted him.

They entered the shadowlands when Joy was diagnosed with bone cancer. When she died, his grief was intense, and he learned the answer to his question – “The pain now is part of the happiness then. That's the deal."

But something else was part of the deal, too. “. . .in self-giving, if anywhere, we touch a rhythm not only of all creation but of all being.”