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Arguing about flags


Image: On Everest, Ministry of Defence

The Guardian - only in the Guardian! - delivers a negative piece about the Union flag. Many responded. The one we liked, from tophatcontrol -

A message to all who live in the UK: Speaking as a foreigner I think the Union Jack is the most powerful of all national flags. . .aesthetically and symbolically.

While recognizing for the fact that aesthetics are subjective I can say that most of my compatriots from a young age universally looked at country flags from around the world and UK always won most votes for the "coolest". It is not ugly as the author posits here.

Also, there's something very nice about how several flags are superimposed to create the UK flag. It works remarkably well artistically and is moreover a symbol [that] represents unity. And that's no bad thing.

Why are the english often so hard on themselves? You bunch are the best. . .

Tophat goes a little off message after this. In answer to his question, we think they are hard on themselves because they were taught by their schools and the BBC to denigrate their country and their culture.

As flag comparisons were also made, and the American flag was reviewed, may I say that I never saw a more beautiful sight than the Stars and Stripes flying over the US Embassy in Prague when Czecholslovakia was a grim place still in the grip of the Communists. Seeing my free flag made my heart race. I'm sure many Brits feel the same, though they may not say so.