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Graham Clark - Apartheid opponent and Chad Varah - founder of Samaritans and sex counsellor

Graham Chadwick – Apartheid Opponent

The Right Reverend Graham Chadwick, who has died, was “an outspoken critic of apartheid and the policies of the then government of South Africa”. He had very little schooling, but he taught himself eleven languages, including Latin, Greek, and Sesotho, before he began riding two thousand miles a year to reach the South African people living high in his mountain parish. With his wife, Suzanne, always a great supporter, he established the first high school. He was determined to oppose racial apartheid in every way he could.

The dramatic end of Chadwick's ministry in southern Africa “was the culmination of a long campaign of opposition to the government's discriminatory schools' programme”.

Chadwick was a mentor to the young Rowan Williams, the present Archbishop of Canterbury. He had a lovely sense of humour.

The Reverend Prebendary Chad Varah – founder of Samaritans and sex counsellor

The Reverend Prebendary Chad Varah had one of the more colourful and compassionate careers in the Church of England.

Varah made a living drawing comics. He had “an enlightened Christian philosophy of sex”, which he shared in counselling and in books. In the 1950s he founded the Samaritans, the telephone help service for people who were suicidal. The service has since spread around the world. Its training of non-professional volunteers remains a model. When St Paul’s needed major restoration, Varah helped to raise the money. His wife Susan was a President of the Mother’s Union. Always outspoken, Varah left no one in doubt before he died that he believed in reincarnation.