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Global Vision denounces Brown's betrayal

Global Vision is the new campaign group backed by economists and business leaders that argues for a looser British relationship with the EU, based on free trade and mutually beneficial cooperation, while opting out of economic and political union.

Director Ruth Lea, writes, "Prime Minister Blair promised the British people their say on the Constitutional Treaty in 2004. It is clear that the Lisbon Treaty is the Constitutional Treaty in all but name. And it is also clear that the ‘red lines’, which are similar though not identical to those negotiated in the Constitution, will be permanently under threat from the European Court of Justice. For Prime Minister Brown to renege on the Government's promise of a referendum is little short of betrayal."

Many people and organizations have called for a referendum. One wonders what, if anything, will persuade Mr Brown.

If all else fails, HM The Queen must refuse her Royal Assent to the Lisbon Treaty. That would put the cat among the pigeons.