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‘Cockpit of England’ – Broughton Astley calls for referendum on EU

Battles on which the future of England and ultimately Britain depended were fought in the South Midlands, the Cockpit of England – Evesham (1265), Tewkesbury (1471), Bosworth (1485), Naseby (1645) and Worcester (1651). Leicester was the duchy of Simon de Montfort, the father of parliament. Yesterday in Leicestershire, the village of Broughton Astley voted to demand a referendum on the EU, on which the future of Britain may depend.

Despite promising a national referendum, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is now denying the British people a vote on the EU’s ‘Reform’ Treaty, which so reforms Britain that England disappears and parliament is rendered a husk. A parish poll campaign is heating up around the country to demand the referendum.

Yesterday Broughton Astley had its poll. More than 800 householders turned out to vote - with 760 calling for the Government to allow the British people a national vote. Just 41 were opposed to a referendum on the issue.

Said organiser Ron Clements before the poll,

". . .they do not believe that the Government should be allowed to sign up to sweeping measures without the clear consent of the British people."

An excellent thought.

East Stoke has also called for a national referendum. More polls, please.