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Ridley Scott has a new film


Film director Ridley Scott was born in South Shields in 1937. After a short stint at the BBC, he formed a production company with his brother and directed a number of eerie and award-winning films - the futuristic epic Blade Runner, which opened as a flop and became a cult classic, the American feminist hit Thelma and Louise, and the Oscar-winning Gladiator. I wondered what theme connects them, aside from Scott's visual style, alternately slow and hectic pacing, effective use of music, and expert choice of actors.

Scott has just released American Gangster. It is based on a true story, and features Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in leading roles. It is supposed to be a terrific film in the gangster genre. It opens this weekend.

I wonder if the elusive theme connecting Scott movies is a fascination with individuals at odds with the status quo, looking for home and living in exile. He will be shooting a film about Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe, next year.

Update - not exactly a good review