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Wall Street Journal wakes up to EU threat

For a long time the Wall Street Journal appeared to be a cheerleader for the European Union. Finally the penny has dropped. Under the headline European Imperialism, the Journal wrote yesterday -

For the past half century Europe was supposed to be building a free market. But old habits die hard, and many Continental politicians think more and better regulation is the route to prosperity. Their control over access to a consumer market of 500 million lets them try to force the rest of the world to play by its cumbersome rules.

We have written before about the obsessive need of a certain segment of the population to try to control free citizens. That they manage to get those citizens to pay their high salaries and pensions in order that they may interfere in the free market, ruin our fishermen, hurt our farmers, tie up our businesspeople, and generally make a nuisance of themselves is nothing short of extraordinary.