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Pro-referendum, pro-freedom rally




Old Palace Yard (see map). The lawn opposite Richard I and around George V, Westminster

Saturday, 27 October, 12 noon

IN SUPPORT of a national referendum that will allow the British people to express their yea or nay to the dastardly EU treaty.

Ballots supporting the referendum will be collected. (A number of MPs and MEPs have already voted on behalf of their constituencies.) There will be speeches and lots of kind and brilliant people.

I wish I could attend the rally, but you don't need a Yank wandering round, even if she dearly loves liberty and views the over-bearing EU as a threat to all her friends across the water.

This is not just intense concern for the British. I support all the peoples in Europe who reject the empire-builders and want a new, free, sensible, and relaxed relationship arranged between their countries.

I hope loads of people rally, and are filled with spirit and dazzling energy and move ever onward toward the broad, sunlit uplands.