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Modern Britain through the Eyes of Its Cartoonists


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There are currently two venues for viewing original political cartoons in London. One is the London Cartoon Gallery. The other is the Political Cartoon Society, located in a charming gallery at 32 Store Street, and run by the affable and knowledgeable Tim Benson.

Today I attended the Cartoon Society's publication party and exhibition. It was a fascinating look at modern Britain through the eyes of political cartoonists. From the death of Queen Victoria to the downfall of Saddam Hussein, Britain's leading cartoonists deftly skewer issues and personalities. As you might guess, the vanities and imbecilities of current politicos are a rich source of inspiration.

Political cartooning appears where something or someone cries out for lampooning - and, it hardly needs saying, in places where there is freedom. William Hogarth was one of the earliest political cartoonists, followed in America by Benjamin Franklin.

The exhibition runs to 22 December. The Political Cartoon Society is open 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 11.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday. Phone 0207 580 1114 for further details.