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High Yewdale, Cumbria
Image: Beautiful Britain

"I sell eggs at my farm gate with a notice to put the money in the box, and 98% of the time people do, probably more, and some even leave IOUs when they haven't enough change, and pay it next time they pass.” JMM, Cumbria

The story comes to us from Howard Maunders of Beautiful Britain. Howard, who has been on the road quite a bit this summer and autumn, has found stories of honest people all over Britain -

"I once asked the owner of a bookshop, who left cheap books outside overnight, how many people actually used the honesty box. He said nearly everyone did and sometimes he saw people pulling up and jumping out of cars to put money in the box during the day, as they didn't have change when taking a book overnight!"


“Lost property offices throughtout Britain are full of items, many of them expensive ones, that are handed in by honest travellers.”

A country where people are honest and trust each other is beautiful.